Drone Technology

We Provide a wide range of top quality and affordable Drone/Aerial Photography & Videography

Real Estate

Location shots for both commercial and residential properties

Business Promo Shots

Shoots for both online website businesses and physical businesses

Social Media/Influencer Content Shoots

High quality aerial content shots for your social pages. Eg Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok

Event/Film Shoots

Shoots for both social and business events

XAir Agency Real Estate Aerials
Aerial Visuals - XAir Agency
XAir Commercial Estate
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XAir Agency Real Estate Aerials
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All our work is quality guaranteed. If you do not like the work we’ve done, we’ll either re-do the work or you can have your money back. GUARANTEED

 XAir is CASA licensed and certified to commercially operate drones for photography and videography

We offer competitive rates for all our work. If you find another licensed and certified operator with a lower price, let us know so we can match (if not, beat) their price

Why Use Drone Services?

Capture A Unique Vantage Point

Drones provide the unique opportunity to shoot conduct aerial photography in order to capture amazing aerial images without needing a fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter or other manned aircraft. Drones are also versatile. They can fly a few centimetres off the ground or over 400 feet in the air, to give you maximum flexibility

High-Resolution Imagery Without The Hassle

Hiring a plane or a helicopter to shoot aerial images can be really expensive. Weather, aircraft, pilot and photographer availability, airspace restrictions and other factors can also make non-drone methods complicated. Drones take the hassle away and simplify the process. Using drones for aerial photography make it a lot more affordable and can work with almost any budget

Location spotting

Looking for the perfect place to host an event? It can be difficult to get an idea of a full space or property by just walking the grounds or looking at a map. Flying your drone over the property can give you a better sense of what it looks like, and you can then bring the footage back to your team for discussion and approval. You’ll get an aerial view of the space, and you can even capture hard-to-see areas for better mapping and planning.

How Does it Work?

Takes only 1-2 Minutes Secure your flight now

Tell us about your Project

Describe your project and tell us what kind of footage or photos you want to be captured

We Will Schedule a Flight

After confirming your project details & requirements, we’ll send a pilot to your specified location, wherever it is you need us.

Download Your Aerial Imagery

We will share your drone photos and videos with you and make them available to download within 24 hours following the time of the shoot.

Why Choose Us?

We can talk about the goals of your project, and how we can help you reach them by telling your brand story in a visually compelling way.

You might not know that the best format for displaying photos on instagram is in a vertical 5×4 aspect ratio. We can deliver you a cropped version of your photos in this format so they look their best when you post them.

Equipped with Industry-leading tools and software. 

As well as being CASA Licensed.

Most companies have many personnel that have to convey your mission requirements. This can introduce a lot of misunderstanding and in the end you don’t’ get exactly what your expected. At XAir Agency you will only deal with the owner/pilot/photographer so you will have the confidence your project will be completed to your specifications

We can customize your photo/video projects according to your specifcations and goals 


We provide quick and fast Responses

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