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We are XAir Agency, We are a diverse and multipurpose agency that specialises in providing professional digital marketing services alongside with aerial drone services

Website creation & maintenance

Aerial Drone Photography & Videography

SEO Optimisation (Onsite & Offsite)

Social Media Marketing/Pay Per Click Advertising

Social media Managment/Growth

Our Digital Marketing Services are available to clients worldwide. However, our Aerial Drone Services are only available exclusively to Sydney Australia

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Web Design/Development

We create next‑level websites by strategically blending user experience and brand storytelling.


Social media Management

Social media management on all your accounts to optimise for authentic growth and bringing new audiences onto your platform/business


Brand Strategy

Having trouble formulating a marketing strategy for your business/brand? We will analyse your business as well as your competitors and devise a practical strategy to drive you results and give you a transformation


Aerial Drone Photography & Videography​

Take to the sky with HD Drone Photography and videography suitable for all industries such as real estate, land surveying, music videos & film​


Email Marketing

Nurture valuable leads into customers, and turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers with email.


Social Media Marketing/Pay Per Click Advertising

Drive revenue with PPC ads for Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and potentially Tiktok ads too, depending on your special needs for your project


Seo Optimisation

High quality monthly SEO. We can optimise your website to show up in search results


Content Marketing

Get professionally-written (and SEO-friendly) content that attracts qualified traffic, leads, and sales. A strong content marketing campaign is important for every business and website, regardless of industry.

Social media marketing

Social Media Marketing/Pay Per Click Advertising

Social media marketing will  get you clicks and, sales perhaps even followers. All of the results of your PPC efforts can be all tracked from clicks to even mouse movements. You’ll know where every cent of your paid media efforts go and the ROI you’re receiving

Drone Photography/Videography

 XAir Agency is CASA licensed as  certified drone (RPA) operators. Providing professional aerial photography, videography & inspections.

Drones provide the unique opportunity to shoot conduct aerial photography in order to capture amazing aerial images without needing a fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter or other manned aircraft.

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We provide a wide range of high-end quality professional services that cater to all individuals, businesses and industries  Check out all our services below and get in touch with us to get your campaign/project set up for success

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What some clients and leading experts have to say about us and our services

Incredible services !!!! I was so pleased to work along side with XAir Agency on my business's marketing campaign projects. Amazing results !

Jolene Eastwood Founder & CEO of XMarket Exclusive

XAir Agency''s ability to integrate our digital and offline marketing with creative concepts has resulted in a strong return on investment. Bringing a complex product/service offering to life is never easy and yet XAir has continued to produce compelling campaigns which communicate effectively and bring our products and services to life.

Ian Bentley Marketing Executive

We received a high level of professional service satisfaction from marketing our services with xair. It was astonishing, having XAir Agency take care of all our marketing needs. It was worth the investment !

Ella Gruia Founder & CEO of Bored Billionaire Club Meta NFT

Marketing is crucial when you want to expand your business presence or even just get more leads and sales for yourself. that's why we recommend XAir Agency as your marketing solution. They have a lot of professional services available

Neil S. Bradley University Marketing Professor

XAir Agency have always provided high quality creative work with fresh ideas!

Richard Sutton Brand Manager

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